"Bad Hair Day" and "The Cat and the Bat" are the two segments that make up the fourteenth episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Bad Hair DayEdit

Ignatius is shedding skin, which makes him feels he needs to improve his looks, so he goes to Lex's room and tries on several wigs. A window washer sees Ignatius on a wig, which scares him and causes him to almost falls until he is rescued by Krypto. Ignatius envies Krypto's fur and decides to get hair from it.

Ignatius activates a turbine to endanger a bird nest and therefore bring Krypto's attention. Krypto destroys the turbine but loses a single hair that Ignatius puts in a formula to grow hair. Ignatius uses the formula on himself but it seemingly fails, so Ignatius goes to sleep and wakes up to find himself with hair. The hair causes him some itching, and when he tries to woo a female iguana, she finds him a disgusting giant rodent, then some people, coming to the same wrong conclusion, pursue him away. Ignatius tries to cut his hair but it's indestructible. Ignatius' hair gets wet, and then gets stuck on the subway tracks, but he's saved by Krypto, who then uses his heat vision to cut Ignatius' hair into a poodle style.

The Cat and the BatEdit

Krypto goes to a mission with Superman at the Arctic, and leaves Streaky in charge of defending Metropolis. Streaky takes a nap and is awakened by Ace who seeks Krypto's help, but Streaky tells him that Krypto left, and offers his help, which Ace grudgingly accepts. Isis has teamed up with Bud and Lou, and they intend to steal fish. Isis distracts the fishers and the hyenas use an hypno-disc on them, then they follow Isis to the fishing ship. Ace and Streaky arrive, and Streaky gets smitten by Isis, who buries both heroes under a lot of fish. When Ace and Streaky get free, they use Ace's hovering machine to follow the ship. Isis hypnotizes all the fish at sea to have them go to the nets. Ace and Streaky reach the ship, and Ace is about to defeat the hyenas when Streaky mistakenly burns a rope that drops some cargo on the heroes. They are tied to the anchor and about to be dropped, but Streaky gets the idea to warm the water with heat vision so a disturbed swordfish jumps and cuts the rope. Streaky faces the hyenas and uses their own hypno-disc on them. Isis escapes Ace, but the hypnotized Bud and Lou catch her. Back at home, Ace thanks Streaky and leaves, and then Krypto arrives and finds Streaky sleeping in the same place where he left him. Streaky is too tired to even wink at the audience.

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