"Bailey's Back" and "Streaky's Inner Struggle" are the two segments that make up the 34th episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Bailey's BackEdit

When Andrea is feeding birds outside her house, she sees Krypto flying while playing frisbee with Kevin, and warns him that he should be more careful with Krypto's identity. Later, she finds Kevin's cousin Bailey trying to get photo proof of Krypto's powers, and throws bird food on Bailey's eyes. When an icecream truck gets a panne which makes it lose control, Krypto flies and stops it, and Bailey tries to photograph it but only manages to have icecream dropped on him, then Andrea warns Kevin about Bailey. Streaky sees Bailey covered in icecream and attacks him believing he is a monster, thus Bailey finds about Streaky's powers too. Bailey pretends to leave them alone and tries to hide in the doghouse, where he finds Krypto's ship. He decides to show the whole place instead of taking a picture, and finds a jetpack he decides to test for fun. After taking off, a flock of ducks cause Bailey to drop his camera (which is saved by Streaky) and lose control of the jetpack, but Krypto saves him. Baley tries to tell Kevin's mom about the ship, but the only thing she finds is a toy ship in the doghouse. Bailey still claims he has pictures, but now his camera only has selfies of Streaky. The reason why Krypto's ship wasn't under the doghouse is that Kevin and Andrea temporarily moved the doghouse from its place.

Streaky's Inner StruggleEdit

Krypto and Kevin want to invite Streaky to play ball, but Andrea cannot allow it as she has him prepared for a picture day. The micro-aliens return and shrink Kevin and Krypto. Now they wear capes because they decided to follow Krypto's example and fight crime. They have captured a smaller yet dangerous villain named Plonk, but the containment unit is open. Kevin finds Plonk, but Plonk shoots glue and overpowers Krypto, then uses the aliens' ray to shrink the Superdog even further. When Krypto pursues Plonk, they enter Streaky's mouth. When the photographer tries to take Streaky's picture, the cat gets agitated by the fight inside his body. Krypto tells Streaky they are fighting inside him, and has him open the mouth to get out. Plonk falls in the containment unit and the aliens close it. The aliens find themselves unworthy of being heroes, but Krypto tells them that with time they may become good heroes. After all the disaster trying to take Streaky's picture, the photographer quits and runs away.

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