"Bat Hound for a Day" and "Dogbot" are the two segments that make up the seventh episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Bat Hound For a DayEdit

Ace comes to Metropolis because the Penguin has trained some birds to steal jewels. Ace and Krypto go to an exhibit in the Metropolis natural history museum, where the birds already are stealing the jewels. The heroes face the birds until Waddles the penguin drops the jewels and one is red Kryptonite that leaves Krypto powerless for 24 hours, and the birds escape. Ace takes Krypto to one of his hideouts where he gives him an utility collar, a hovering transport and a laser harness. Krypto trains with the collar. The Batcomputer warns about the activation of a mansion's silent alarm and the heroes go there, where the birds are stealing jewels. Krypto's clumsy attempts to use the utility collar allow the birds to leave with Ace captured. Krypto asks help to Streaky, but Streaky cannot help because Andrea wants him on a family photo, though at least their conversation hints Krypto that the birds must be at the zoo. Krypto goes there and makes the birds believe that he has recovered his powers by using the laser. Krypto cuts Ace's net but Ace falls to the icy water. Krypto swims after Ace but doesn't find him, and when the birds are about to attack Krypto, Ace catches them with bat-ropes. Krypto asks how did Ace get safe, to which the bathound tells it's his secret. Ace thanks Krypto for distracting the Bad Luck Birds, and Krypto's powers return.


Kevin's family is about to go camping, and when Kevin seeks for his robot dinosaur toy at Krypto's ship, accidentally activates a robotic dog, which Krypto says is Dogbot, his old play-mate which has a little defect: he only thinks about tirelessly playing. Krypto goes to stop a truck out of control, but Dogbot, trying to play, throws a ball on the truck that almost makes it fall. Back at home, Krypto tries to tell Dogbot that Kevin is his friend now, so Dogbot targets Kevin with nobody knowing it. Since they cannot take Dogbot to camping, Krypto tries to play hide'n'seek with Dogbot but doesn't sek him, so Dog-bot goes after Kevin and Krypto who are camping. Kevin's family go explore while Krypto watches the fire. Dogbot arrives and captures Kevin, then tries to play with Krypto, who tells him they should play to find Kevin. Kevin is locked in a cave, so Krypto suggests a new game to rescue Kevin. They cause a landslide but Dogbot holds a huge boulder to allow Krypto rescue Kevin. Krypto digs a hole to rescue Kevin, and when they return outside they find that Dogbot was crushed by the boulder. Since Dogbot wasn't bad but only trying to play, they repair him to become a pitcher dog for a kids' baseball field.

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