"Bathound Meets the Dog Stars" and "A Dog's Life" are the two segments that make up the 22nd episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Bathound meets the Dog StarsEdit

The Dog Star Patrol is doing repairs on their ship, so they have landed it on Earth. That night, Hot Dog is captured. The following morning, Ace and Krypto go to the Dog Star Patrol ship to help investigate who caught Hot Dog. Ace finds claw marks that imply mechanikat may be the kidnapper. Bulldog, who is impressed by Ace, follows him everywhere. Ace finds extinguisher foam and a furball from Snooky Nookums. Bulldog throws it away but it's explosive and almost hits Krypto.

Ace finds an invisible ship, and he and Bulldog get onboard. There's Snooky who has Hot Dog captured and used fake Mechanikat boots to create a red herring. Ace and Bulldog avoid Snooky's blasts until Ace hits his weapon with a batarang. Snooky tries to escape in a saucer but is intercepted by Krypto and Hot Dog is freed.

A Dog's LifeEdit

Jimmy the rat tries to eat the remnants of building workers' dinner, but a gang of dogs get ahead of him. They mockingly give him a crumb, but both rat and crumb go through the sewage until he is saved by Krypto. Later, when Jimmy finds about chihuahuas, who look much like him, he shaves himself to look like one and have a better life as a dog.

Jimmy is given some food but is found by the dogs from earlier, who invite him to their gang to get the food. There, they offer him boots to chew and a trashcan lid to play frisbee. Later, the three dogs distract a fastfood truck seller while Jimmy steals the food from the truck, but he mistakenly turns on the accelerator and Krypto comes to save him. The seller gives Krypto a sausage for saving his truck. Krypto recognizes Jimmy the rat and tells him to not pretend to be something he isn't, then he leaves, giving Jimmy the sausage. When the dogs ask Jimmy for any food he got, Jimmy runs away from them and reveals his real rat self. The dogs try to catch Jimmy but are trapped in wet cement. As Jimmy cannot stop the cement mixer, he uses a whistle to call Krypto, who uses a crane to save the dogs. The dogs give Jimmy some cheese for saving them, and accept him in the gang.

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