"Bathound and the Robin" and "Furry Fish" are the two segments that make up the 24th episode of Krypto the Superdog

Bathound and the RobinEdit

Krypto finds Ace hidden in the doghouse, and he tells him the story of why: Ace saved a robin's life, who as a thankful gesture tried to become his sidekick, but he only interfered with Ace's crimefighting job, specially his pursuit of the Joker's Hyenas Bud and Lou. Ace sent the robin to seek info about the hyenas and went to hide in Krypto's house.

The robin arrives with info about Bud and Lou's hideout in the Springo's pillow factory, and Ace deduces they want to use the pillows as bags for their booty. The heroes go to the factory, and Ace and Krypto face the Hyenas who throw a pillow with Kryptonite dust to Krypto. The robin interferes and mistakenly activates a treadmill that puts Ace inside a pillow. Bud and Lou shoot the trapped Ace up with a spring, but the robin hides in the pillow and tears it with his beak, allowing Ace to use it as a parachute and trap the hyenas with a net. The robin dusts the Kryptonite from Krypto. Ace tells the robin that his life debt is settled, so the robin decides to be a hero on his own and flies to the south. Ace decides to find a new hideout before he can return.

Furry FishEdit

Krypto is disgusted with Streaky taking fish skeletons from the dump. They notice the tide to be dragging the sand at the beach and Streaky finds another fish skeleton there. Under the skeleton, there's red Kryptonite that turns Krypto and Streaky into fish. They jump to the sea and are pursued by a shark in a sunken ship, then they are surrounded by his partners until they are saved by a dolphin. The sharks pursue them until a whale scares them, who turns out to be the dolphin's friend Freddy. Krypto and Streaky introduce themselves to Duley the dolphin and find that the feline agent Delilah is stealing the sand for Mechanikat to sell it as cat litter. Delilah recognizes Krypto and Streaky, so knowing that Streaky is a cat, Duley and other fish get angry at Streaky for being a fish-eater. Delilah attacks Duley with her robotic crab but Streaky saves him and makes Delilah follow him to the sharks' sunken ship, so she destroys it, earning the sharks' ire. Delilah runs away in an escape pod with the sand in a bag, but Krypto bites the bag and Freddy "kicks" Delilah away with his tail, then swallows the sand to shoot it back to the beack with his blowhole. The red Kryptonite effects wear away so Krypto and Streaky say goodbye to Duley and the others.

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