Birdy and the Beast title card

Birdy and the Beast was a Merrie Melodies released on August 19, 1944. It was directed by Robert Clampett and written by Warren Foster.


Tweety is in his little nest when a bad ol' puddy tat- not yet Sylvester- looks in. Tweety says his catchphrase, then flies off, and the cat follows him. Not being able to fly, the puddy tat "faw down and go boom."

When the cat falls from a tree onto a bulldog, the dog decides to help Tweety chase the cat away. Tweety hides in the bulldog's food bowl, causing the cat to rummage through the dog's food. The dog comes in, with obvious results.

Tweety wanders into the cat's mouth when looking for the puddy tat. He lights a match inside the cat's mouth, which is soon on fire. Good little fireman that he is, Tweety runs out to get a hose to help put out the fire. He then dons a fireman's hat and connects the hose to a spout. When he opens the valve, we see that it's connected to a gas can. Tweety sprays gasoline into the cat's blazing mouth, causing the cat to explode. Puddy tat blow up and go boom. The cat is recovering from his injuries, but is still trying to catch Tweety.

He turns himself into a giant nest at the base of a tree... so inviting. Tweety decides to try it out, only to be chased away by a large hen. She lays her new nest full of eggs and goes off. The cat shows himself, his mouth filled with eggs. He again tries to reach Tweety in his nest, where he grabs a hand grenade instead of Tweety and stuffs it in his mouth. Boom again.

Concludes Tweety: "You know, I lose more puddy tats dat way!"

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