Cartoon Network 2010 logo

Daffy gets stuck in Cartoon Network's logo during his attempt to upstage Bugs in the intro to the network's Bugs and Daffy show.

Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel created and owned by Turner Broadcasting in 1992. It debuted on on October 1st that year, beginning its broadcast with the Looney Tunes short Rhapsody Rabbit. Initially created following the Turner company having bought the Hanna-Barbera cartoon library, the network also housed the color Looney Tunes shorts produced up to 1948, which were under Turner's ownership at the time (these shorts were also being shown on fellow Turner-owned channels TNT and TBS).

In 1996, as a result of Time Warner merging with Turner Entertainment, Cartoon Network was now allowed to show more Warner Bros. cartoons. However, since most of the post-1948 Looney Tunes cartoons were still under contract to be shown on Nickelodeon in 1996, Cartoon Network would not be able to show those until October 1999.

Many Warner Bros. Animation cartoons that had premiered on Fox Kids and Kids' WB! went into reruns on Cartoon Network after being cancelled. In addition, starting in 2001, Warner Bros. Animation also started producing shows that made their broadcast premieres on Cartoon Network.

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  • Boomerang (Cartoon Network's sister channel)

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