"Diaper Madness" and "Feline Fatale" are the two segments that make up the fourth episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Diaper MadnessEdit

Kevin's mother has him take care of his little sister Melanie. Meanwhile, at STAR Labs, a teleporter has been created, but some lab rats escape and one activates the device, which ends in Kevin's house. Kevin takes the device and tests it while thinking it will make his chores easier, but he teleports too high in the sky and Krypto saves him while the teleporter falls in Melanie's diaper. She teleports to the neighbor's house, and before Krypto can get her back, she teleports herself and the neighbor to the roof, then teleports herself to a bus. Krypto pursues Melanie but she teleports again and Krypto uses his superhearing to find her on other car. They reach a Lexcorp construction where Lois Lane is interviewing Lex Luthor and some demonstrators who are against the building-to-be, among them Kevin's mother. Kevin reaches Melanie but they are teleported to the Daily Planet globe and lose the device, but are saved by Krypto. While Luthor claims the building-to-be is there to stay, the device falls on the structure and takes it away. Kevin recovers the device but gives it to Krypto, thinking it's in better hands if Superman gets it.

Feline FataleEdit

Andrea dresses Streaky in feminine clothes, so the cat escapes. Right after, a she-cat enters and behaves cute in front of Andrea. Streaky returns from patrol with Krypto and finds Andrea caring for the she-cat, who she named Delilah. Delilah scratches the living room curtains and frames Streaky, who has to sleep outside. Streaky talks with Krypto about it, so Krypto tells him to not let Delilah to get her way. When Streaky goes to talk with Delilah, she gives him some food, but it turns out to be the dinner Andrea's mother was making, so Streaky is left out again. Sreaky finds Delilah communicating with Mechanikat, who wants Streaky out of the way to builda laser in Andrea's house that will destroy Krypto. Andrea calls Delilah and tells her that she found glitter on the curtains and the food, so she has deduced Delilah framed Streaky. While Andrea goes to call the shelter, Delilah finds Streaky trying to take the laser away, then they fight and Delilah tries to kill him with the ray, but Krypto arrives and destroys it, then Streaky catches Delilah in a trashcan. Later, Andrea dresses Streaky again, but this time it's a musketeer costume that he likes better.


  • "Diaper Madness" is the only appearance of Lois Lane in the series, and only appearance of Lex Luthor without Ignatius.
  • "Feline Fatale" is the first appearance of Delilah.

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