"Dog-Gone Kevin" and "The Dark Hound Strikes!" are the two segments that make up the fifth episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Dog-Gone KevinEdit

Kevin must prepare to go to Andrea's birthday, but the gift he's going to bring is a collar whose jewel turns out to be red Kryptonite that causes Kevin and Krypto to exchange bodies. Krypto in Kevin's body goes to the birthday party while Kevin enjoys the freedom of a dog. Kevin has dificulties to fly while Krypto embarrasses Andrea with his dog-like behavior to eat. When Kevin is hungry, his mother (believing he's Krypto) gives him dog food. Krypto mistakes a pursuing game for just running around. Kevin isn't allowed to sleep on the bed and has to play with Melanie to not have her crying. Andrea sends Krypto to his home after all his weird behavior, but then he sees a thief robbing Andrea's mother's purse and pursues him, while calling Kevin who arrives and catches the thief. After the red K effect passes, Kevin and Krypto read the article about their heroic act, and each agrees that life is esaier the way it is, for Krypto being a dog and for Kevin being a human.

The Dark Hound Strikes!Edit

Krypto sees a Batarang and follows it to its owner, who introduces himself as Ace the Bathound. Krypto has heard about Ace, Batman's pet, to which Ace corrects that he's Batman's partner. Ace tells Krypto that the Joker is in Metropolis, so Krypto thinks they should work together to stop him, but Ace disagrees as he works alone, and leaves jumping from the rooftop to the street. Ace goes to an alley to interrogate a rat named Jimmy, to know where is the Joker, to which Jimmy tells he isn't in Metropolis but his hyenas Bud and Lou went to the Metropolis Arena, to which Krypto, having reached Ace, deduces they went to the dog exhibit. At the exhibit, the judges approve of the dogs until they see the hyenas, who put on gas masks and activate a huge ball which sprays sleeping gas. They are about to take the prize money when Ace and Krypto arrive. Ace punches Bud, but when he tries to bite Bud's collar, it's electrified. Lou runs away with the money and drops part of the exhibit to divert Krypto. The hyenas reach the roof pursued by the heroes, who are caught by a magnetic disks that carries them to space. Ace gives Krypto instructions of the right place where to use his heat vision to deactivate the magnet, then redirect the disc to stop the hyenas. Bud and Lou are sent to the Metropolis Zoo, the dog exhibit is resumed. Krypto tells Ace they aren't a bad team after all, and then Ace leaves on his hovering transport.

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