"Dogbot to the Rescue" and "Bad Bailey" are the two segments that make up the eleventh episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Dogbot to the RescueEdit

After leaving school, Kevin awaits for Krypto and the entrance and loses the bus, but Krypto is busy helping with emergencies, so arrives late. Krypto tells Streaky he feels bad for disappointing Kevin, and when Streaky is leaving, accidentally activates Dogbot, so he suggests Krypto to have Dogbot cover for his Superdog duties so he can be free to play. Krypto dismisses the idea as dumb, but Streaky thinks otherwise. When Krypto goes playing with Kevin, Streaky paints Dogbot white and gives it a cape, telling it to be Superdog and do super-deeds fast. Dogbot helps with some steel beams blocking the highway, but to do that fast, throws them aside. Streaky tells Krypto what happened, and they find that Dogbot has "fixed" a bridge, thrown a boulder on an hydrant believing it a leak, and put out the fire of a barbecue. Kevin gets an idea to attracts Dogbot; he pretends to be stranded on a tree, so Dogbot comes to rescue him and Krypto and Streaky ambush it. In the scuffle, Kevin falls to the river and Krypto saves him. Streaky orders Dogbot to sleep and both fall to the river, so Krypto saves them too. Later, Krypto repairs the bridge Dogbot "fixed" while Streaky carries the cars from one side of the bridge to the other in the meantime.

Bad BaileyEdit

Kevin's cousin Bailey comes to visit. Bailey is a little thug and liar who blames Kevin for his misdeeds and mistreats Krypto. Krypto leaves while Bailey isn't looking to save a puppy from drowning, but Bailey sees him when returning and blackmails Kevin into having Krypto doing everything he wants, or else he wll expose Krypto's secret. Krypto has to get for Bailey a dinosaur skeleton, a mummy, an astronaut helmet, the biggest yarn ball, the biggest diamond, a shark (he repents of that one) and an icecream. Kevin says it's enough and Bailey threatens with revealing Krypto's secret. Krypto hides everything in a nearby tree and Kevin calls Streaky for help. Bailey brings his mom and Kevin's mom trying to show them Krypto is the Superdog, but Streaky flies disguised as Superdog while Krypto is at sight. Bailey is grounded for lying and, before returning all the things, Streaky gets to play with the biggest yarn ball for his help.

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