"Face Time" and "Catopia" are the two segments that make up the 35th episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Face TimeEdit

Krypto brings Stretch-O-Mutt to meet the Dog Star Patrol. Stretch-O-Mutt is excited at meeting them and hearing their adventures, until a bouncing ball enters and spreads a gas that causes them illness, with only Krypto and Stretch-O-Mutt unaffected. Mechanikat calls to tell he sent the ball because he's preparing to "visit" them, then he projects a Kryptonite ray to weaken Krypto. Stretch-O-Mutt has the idea to disguise as all and each of the Dog Star Patrol to trick Mechanikat. When Mechanikat, Snooky and their robots arrive, Stretch-O-Mutt disguises as Hot Dog while Krypto (weak but not down) uses heat vision to imitate Hot Dog's powers, then Stretch-O-Mutt disguises as Paw Pooch and Krypto causes a quake to imitate his stomps, but Krypto gets too weak to give further help. Mechanikat reaches the ship's command center and Stretch-O-Mutt, disguised as Bulldog, tries to treathen him to leave, but then the actual ill Bulldog appears and the charade is revealed. However, when Bulldog sneezes, Stretch-O-Mutt becomes a fan and blows the virus to the villains, who escape affected by the sickness.


While Krypto and Streaky are flying, Snooky hits Krypto with a ray that makes him act as a cat. It makes him feel as attracted to a huge tuna can as Streaky. Krypto is caught by the tuna can, which turns out to be Snooky's ship. Streaky uses his telescopic vision to see Snooky going to a planet named Catopia, which is ruled by Mechanikat, who has Krypto play with a yarn ball and sends him to a cat psychiatrist who convinces him to meow like a cat. Streaky arrives to Catopia and compares it to heaven. Mechanikat gives tuna and scratching toys to Krypto, to keep him busy while they take over Earth. Streaky arrives and tries to convince Krypto that he's a dog. Streaky throws a frisbee but Krypto doesnt catch it. Streaky trying to have Krypto barking brings the attention of Mechanikat's bots, which Krypto accidentally destroys, but hears there's a dog and, not knowing it's himself, he activates the alarm. Streaky finds Snooky's ship and uses the ray in reverse on Krypto, and when Mechanikat tries to stop it he's also hit. Krypto and Streaky leave in Snooky's ship, while Snooky takes Mechanikat, who acts as a dog, to the psychiatrist.

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