The Forbidden Forest Creatures are minor characters and objects from Quest for Camelot.

The Enchanted PlantsEdit

The Tongue Plant has purple blooming leaves with pink insides, purple tongue with few thorn spikes and a red blob on top as its head. They have an ability to throw their tongues at an enemy.

The Flying leaves are green and they are placed in a grass or fertile soil and have ability to fly.

The Propeller Flowers have green stems with purple helicopter like petals. They have ability to fly with their helicopter petals.

Some of the other creatures that live in the forest are yellow flowers that squirt out purple jelly, grass shaped heads, moving thorn braches, and giant Venus Fly Traps.

A Giant Tree itself has thousand of giant roots and has a eye on it bark.

Some of the grass itself somewhere in the forest can move at anytime.

The Healing Plants have blue stems and light blue leaves that evaporate into a skin mending a wound.

The Alive Thorn Trees have eyes, mouths, claw hands, and vines around its body

Role in the FilmEdit

After the Griffin had stolen Excalibur, Ayden arrives and attack the Griffin causing it to drop the sword in the forest where the Thorn trees try to grab the Griffin.

Later on in the film, After Ayden had told Garrett about Excalibur lost in the forest. He goes off to retrieve himself with Kayley trying to catch up him. Despite his objections, He allows Kayley to help him to find Excalibur. Later he gets squirted with purple jelly by a flower. He then repeatedly saves an unaware Kayley by whacking a grass shaped head with his stick, swatting the thorn branches and throwing a rock at the Venus Fly Trap.

Much later on, Whilst stopping for a camp at night, Garrett shows off his skills by whacking a tongue plant on its head. And later on after Garrett is wounded by Ruber, Kayley uses the healing plant to heal his wound and Kayley and Garrett develop a romantic bond against each other. The leaves and the propeller plants are last seen flying.

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