"Kids in Capes" and "Attack of the Virtual Vegetables" are the two segments that make up the 27th episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Kids in CapesEdit

Andrea brings a piece of Red Kryptonite, which causes a strange effect in Krypto and Andrea. When Kevin checks Krypto, it causes the same effect on him. Kevin finds out he got superpowers like Krypto's and Andrea too, but she thinks it's because he wished upon a star for superpowers. Andrea gets costumes for Kevin and herself and they become superheroes, but Krypto tells Streaky they must watch them because the Red Kryptonite effects may wear out. Kevin and Andrea face vandals and save people, followed by Krypto and Streaky. When they are saving a plane, their powers wear off and Kevin calls for Krypto, so Krypto saves Kevin and Streaky saves Andrea. The kids return home to find the pets sleeping, so Andrea thinks they were there all day. Andrea decides she and Kevin could go skateboarding together, but he should beware as Superdog will not always be there to help him, and Kevin disagrees.

Attack of the Virtual VegetablesEdit

Kevin is playing a videogame with spaceships and meteors, and his father talks him about the games of his time, like one where you faced vegetables and had to get King Eggplant's crown to win. He hands Kevin a copy, but it's too old to work in a modern computer, so Krypto offers Kevin his ship computer that can adapt to any software. When Kevin finds the game (a Pac-Man clone) to be too outdated, he wishes for better graphics and to be there, so the computer sends him inside, and Krypto cannot take Kevin out until he wins. Kevin defeats his first pursuers with salad dressing. When Krypto says Kevin will come late to dinner, the "dinner" word calls Streaky's attention (he was sleeping hidden in the ship), who tries to help with button-mashing and static electricity. When Kevin is about to be crushed by a giant pumpkin, Krypto wishes to be in the game and saves Kevin. They face peas and use their discarded husk as a boat to cross a hot tomato soup river. They reach the palace where Krypto defeats the guards, but King Eggplant turns Krypto into a pickle. Luckily, Streaky enters the game and takes the crown, so the game is won and they all return home. At dinner, Kevin tells his dad that he played the game at the home of a friend with an old computer. Kevin's mom serves them eggplant, which doesn't please Kevin.

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