"Krypto's Scrypto" is the first episode of Krypto the Superdog.


Krypto is a Kryptonian puppy who is sent out of Krypton in a rocket. He's put into hibernation and wakes up as an adult, then his ship falls on Earth. He uses his strenght for the first time to get his ship unstuck from a squirrel's tree. Then, while seeking for his former kid owner Kal-El, he escapes from being ran over by a truck and finds out he can fly. He goes to Metropolis. Searching for Kal-El, Krypto tries to befriend other kids who are scared of him, until he finds a kid named Kevin, who is new in the city and tries to befriend his neighbor Andrea to no avail. Some bully kids throw Kevin's frisbee to a tree and Krypto recovers it, befriends Kevin and gives him a translator device. Kevin deduces that Krypto must be Superman's dog, and Krypto feels he doesn't have an owner anymore as Kal-El is an adult now, so Kevin brings Krypto to his home and his parents agree to let him keep the dog if he trains him to behave. Kevin and Krypto spend the following days bonding over both fun and chores.

Krypto hides his spaceship under a hole he dug, and he and Kevin cover it with dirt before Andrea and her cat Streaky can see it. Then they dig an underground way from Krypto's doghouse to the ship. Kevin watches the ship's TV, and the news say that Superman is away and a zoo ship is sinking in the ocean. Due to Superman's absence, Krypto and Kevin decide that the dog is the one who must save the ship. Kevin tries to make a costume for Krypto, but he goes just wearing his puppy blanket on his collar, like a cape. At arriving to the ship, Krypto opens the cells of the zoo creatures and carries them flying to the upper deck. Then he seals the ship with heat vision. Krypto returns to Kevin and they hear his parents talking about the Superdog, and while they notice Krypto is similar to Superdog, they still think it's other dog.

That night, Superman arrives and it seems he will take Krypto away, but as he sees Kevin and Krypto are sad to be apart, he asks Kevin to take care of Krypto.

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