"Leaf of Absence" and "Big Sister" are the 21st episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Leaf of absenceEdit

Several trees disappear from Metropolis, up to their roots. While Kevin and Krypto spend the night at Kevin's treehouse, Ace comes to talk with Krypto; he has been investigating and the instigator was Dogwood, a half-dog half-plant who has a spray to give the trees sentience. When Ace and Krypto leave, Dogwood sprays the tree wit Kevin's treehouse.

Ace and Krypto find a crying tree who didn't leave because she has a stone on her root. She tells them where did Dogwood go. Meanwhile, the trees stop following Dogwood because they feel tired. Dogwood chastises them which awakes Kevin, who calls for help. He's saved by Krypto, so Dogwood orders the trees to attack, but Ace makes them run by throwing fire pellets.

Dogwood catches Ace with his vines, but Kevin convinces the trees that hurting Ace is wrong. The trees aren't convinced to listen a human, but the one with the treehouse tells that Kevin cares for him. Dogwood still keeps them at bay by treathening with turning into poison ivy which would be hurtful for Ace, but Kevin tricks him into turning into a flower plant who is then attacked by bees, which gives Krypto the chance to defeat him. After all is said and done, the trees decide to return to their places as they're tired.

Big SisterEdit

Kevin and Krypto find a call from some alien friends in vacation and invite them to come. Kevin's mom must go out to do some chores and leaves his grandfather in charge. The aliens arrive and grow to human size, and Kevin invites them to play baseball, but Kevin doesn't want his sister Melanie to play as she's too small. She tinkers with the aliens' flying sauce and is hit by the growing ray. The giant Melanie takes the saucer as a toy and doesn't return it to Krypto, and tries to use the house as a dollhouse and the aliens as dolls. She then pursues an ice cream truck. Kevin's mom calls him and hears that Melanie wants icecream, so tells Kevin she can have one, but no more as she must keep her apettite for dinner. Krypto saves the truck driver before he's eaten.

Melanie sees a pony ride in the park and tries to ride them, but they all run away. She then finds a carousel and makes it spin away, so Krypto stops it before it reaches the city and causes damage.

Kevin gets an idea: they play ball with Melanie and get the ball destroyed, then Kevin suggests to play Frisbee and Melanie throws the saucer, so Krypto catches it and the aliens use the shrink ray to turn her back to normal. Krypto repairs the house before Kevin's mom arrives, and the aliens leave as their vacation is over.

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