"Mechani-Bot" and "Stretch-O-Mutt to the Rescue" are the two segments that make up the 28th episode of Krypto the Superdog.


Mechanikat steals Kryptonite from Lexcorp with a giant robotic cat. He is stopped by the Dog Star Patrol, and when tries to use the Kryptonite against Krypto, the canister is empty. The Dog Star Patrol destroy the robot and Mechanikat escapes.

Mechanikat discusses with Snooky Wookums that he cannot plan new evil plots with so much work to do at the ship, so he creates his own robot double to work at the ship while he conquers Earth. Snooky hears Mechani-Bot revolting the robots against Mechanikat, so he tells Mechanikat, who dismisses him until Mechani-Bot makes his move. Even Snooky sides with Mechani-Bot now that he's the elader. Mechanikat escapes.

The Dog Star Patrol get a call from Mechanikat to work together against Mechani-Bot. Krypto agrees to help because Earth is in danger. Mechanikat takes the Dog Star Patrol into the ship. The alarm turns on, so Mechanikat takes the patrol to a secret passageway to Mechani-Bot's throne room, but he catches them in special glass cages outfitted with each of their weaknesses. Mechani-Bot intends to use a sonic wave to get people distracted with their dogs howling due to it, so he can conquer Earth. This gives Krypto the idea of howling to break the glass. Mechanikat faces Mechani-Bot, but the robot escapes until Snooky, who is mopping the floor, accidentally makes him trip. Mechanikat, unaware that it was an accident, praises Snooky for his loyalty. The truce being over, the Dog Star Patrol return to their ship and Mechanikat turns Mechani-bot into his new janitor.

Stretch-O-Mutt to the RescueEdit

A guard dog from STAR Labs named Buddy has the duty to guard the housekeeping robot Alfie. He follows his playing ball to a vat of experimental elastic solution and falls into it. The janitors keep the other guard dogs away to steal Alfie, but Buddy's howl for help calls Krypto's attention. The janitors see him and act natural until they notice Krypto is going after Buddy, so they steal Alfie. Krypto saves Buddy, who has become stretchy due to the solution. Buddy returns with the other guard dogs, who chastise him for goofing around while Alfie was stolen and dismiss im from duty. Buddy talks with Krypto, who suspects of the janitors, which Buddy confirms as it isn't cleaning day. Krypto smells icecream, so Buddy points an old icecream factory, and gets a costume and the name Stretch-O-Mutt to help Krypto. The thieves activate Alfie to get rid of Krypto, but Stretch-O-Mutt turns into a ball to hit them and then into a rubber band to avert their escape, and a bouncing castle to make them bounce to the icecream truck where they are caged. After returning Alfie, Krypto tells the other guard dogs that it was thanks to the help of Buddy, who is a hero.

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