"Mechanikalamity" and "Barrump Barrump" are the two segments that make up the 38th episode of Krypto the Superdog.


Mechanikat is part of a villain club assembled in the Hall of Doom, but they want a villain named Glorg instead of him as leader, so he goes to a mechanic cat to upgrade his armor into a giant version. Meanwhile, Ace and Krypto face a meteor shower in outer space, wearing strenght-enhancer suits, and Ace reminds Krypto that the important thing isn't the suit or the powers, but the dog. Ace gets a distress signal, so both heroes use a ship to reach the planet it comes from. However, the planet's ground has so much Kryptonite that renders Krypto powerless. the signal turns out to be a trap by Mechanikat, now as Mega-Mechanikat, who is happy that Krypto also brought Ace as the villains club will choose him as leader if he gets both. Ace averts Mega-Mechanikat's jumps and the heroes go to their ship. Mega-Mechanikat plays with the ship until the dog heroes emerge in their enhancer suits. Mega-Mechanikat traps Ace between two rocks and pursues Krypto, who tricks him by having him pursue and catch the empty suit, then the actual Krypto jumps on Mechanikat's suit controls and uses them to humiliate him and shoot him away. Ace arrives, having freed himself with a tool from his utility collar, and Krypto recognizes Ace's earlier statement that it's the dog what matters. Mechanikat crashes on the Hall of Doom, where everyone is raising their hands to vote Glorg, and when he raises his hands to stop the voting, it's counted as a vote and Glorg wins by percieved unanimity.

Barrump BarrumpEdit

Brainy Barker comes to tell Krypto about an alien prankster named Barrump Barrump, and brings the villain's Timestopper to have it guarded. After she leaves with Krypto, Kevin uses the Timestopper to stop time and reach the bus or leave class earlier, but he drops the device and Barrump Barrump recovers it, using it to leave a policeman dressed as a chicken or rugby players in underwear. After Krypto returns, he and Kevin trick Barrump Barrump by suddenly stopping to make him believe the Timestopper is broken and he will be stuck between moments forever. Then Krypto catches Barrump Barrump and Kevin returns to school to not get a punishment for playing hooky.

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