"Meet the Dog Stars" and "Streaky Story" are the two segments that make up the third episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Meet the Dog StarsEdit

Krypto finds a group of dogs pursuing a kitten and tries to stop the dogs he believes bullies, but they also have super powers. Krypto defeats them anyways and the kitten escapes. The dogs and Krypto are teleported to their ship by their leader Brainy Barker, who introduces the group as the Dog Star Patrol: Bulldog, Hot Dog, Mammooth Mutt and Tail Terrier. They are an intergalactic hero team and the kitten they were following is criminal Snooky Nookums. Meanwhile, Snooky gets a call from his boss Mechanikat to create an army, so he frees some cats from the shelter, and when Krypto and the Dog Star Patrol arrive, Snooky uses the gem of his collar to make the cats bigger and more ferocious. The Dog Star Patrol defeats the feral cats, and when Snooky claims he will transform more cats of the shelter, Krypto destroys his jewel, which turns the feral cats back to normal. Snooky escapes and reports his failure to Mechanikat. The Dog Star Patrol thank Krypto for his help and make him a member of the team.

Streaky StoryEdit

Krypto finds a gang of dogs pursuing the neighbor cat Streaky and rescues him, then he reveals him that Krypto and Superdog are the same. Andrea is happy to see Streaky safe and bathes him, and when she goes after some bows, Streaky escapes through the window and goes to a dumpster, but finds the gang from before. They pursue him to Metropolis Park, where Krypto sees them and goes to save Streaky again, but Streaky enters a lab and activates a duplicator ray, so when Krypto arrives the ray bounces him and hits Streaky. The following day, they find out that the ray copied Krypto's powers and gave them to Streaky. Krypto tells him to be discrete with his powers and use them for good, but Streaky flies away when Andrea calls him for another bath. Streaky, now with a cape, goes to the dog gang's hideout and uses his powers to scare and pursue them, but he realizes he has gone too far when they begin crying, so he's about to leave when the hideout begins collapsing. Streaky holds the place but the dogs are too scared to run, so he calls Krypto who saves them. Back at home, Streaky tells he thought he would feel better at getting even with the dogs, but he didn't, to which Krypto answers that their powers bring responsibilities and they must keep them secret. Then Andrea comes to give Streaky another bath.

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