"My Pet Boy" and "Dem Bones" are the two segments that make up the sixth episode of Krypto the Superdog.

My Pet BoyEdit

Krypto carries Kevin flying above the jungle, when he hears a cub in danger and leaves Kevin for a bit. Kevin finds a spaceship and gets onboard. Its crew is a family of alien dogs, and when the puppy finds Kevin, adopts him as a pet and names him Spot. Krypto finds Kevin is gone and asks for help to the Dog Star Patrol. Brainy Barker uses her telepathy to find the ship license number and they reach the planet, where Krypto and Mammoth Mutt face some guards while Brainy gets the info of the specific ship from their computer. Kevin likes the food he gets as a pet, but he gets tired of playing. Krypto comes after Kevin and claims he is his pet, to which Kevin pretends to play tricks. While they return to Earth, Kevin tells Krypto that he now understands how tiresome can be to be a pet and tells Krypto to rest tomorrow.

Dem BonesEdit

At the Metropolis Doggy Park, Streaky complains to Krypto that there isn't a cat park. Krypto leaves the conversation to stop some dogs from being ran over on the street, and when asks them why did they cross so recklessly, they quack like ducks. There are reports of other dogs around the city behaving like different creatures. Krypto and Streaky find a gang of dogs behaving normal until they eat a box of Yum-Yum bones and suffer the same problem as the others. Krypto and Streaky go to the Yum-Yum bones factory and find that Snooky Wookums is spraying the boxes with a special chemical. Snooky tries to escape in a bubble but Krypto pops it with heat vision and Snooky falls on a processing machine, and is saved in exchange of confessing that Mechanikat wanted all the dogs to stop doing anything, specially the guard dogs of STAR Labs. Krypto tries to stop Mechanikat at STAR Labs, but the thing he stole is Kryptonite. Streaky deduces that, his powers coming from Krypto, the Kryptonite would also damage him, but he finds the guard dogs who believe themselves mice and scares them into crashing with Mechanikat. The Kryptonite box is closed and Mechanikat escapes, with the guards going back to normal right then. Krypto says that after Streaky's good job, he may reccomend to create a cat park for him.


  • "Dem Bones" is Krypto and Mechanikat's first face-to-face confrontation.

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