"My Uncle, the Superhero" and "Top Dog" are the two segments that make up the ninth episode of Krypto the Superdog.

My Uncle, the SuperhereoEdit

Streaky's nephew admires him and doesn't understand why does Streaky leave Krypto to take credit, and wants to see his uncle in action. To impress his nephew, Streaky gets Krypto to pretend to be just a sidekick, so when Krypto suggests strategies, he whispers them and then Streaky says them out loud as if they were his ideas.

Krypto stops an out-of-control truck while Streaky saves the driver, but the driver is allergic to cats and throws Streaky aside. There's a bank robbery and Streaky tries to stop the thief alone to impress his nephew, but he only catches a lookalike peasant while Krypto gets the real thief, but luckily it turns out that the other man was stealing food from a store, so Streaky still stopped a thief.

Krypto and Streaky take the nephew on patrol and find a flooded farm as the dam is broken. Krypto saves the cows one at a time while Streaky seals the dam, but he only breaks it more. Krypto uses heat vision to vaporize the coming wave and seals the dam with rocks. An ashamed Streaky hides inside a dumpster, and his nephew comes to tell him he's proud of him anyways. When the nephew is leaving, he's attacked by a dog but Streaky saves him.

Top DogEdit

Snooky Wookums gives a powered costume to a dog actor who becomes Turbodog, and lets him keep it in exchange to capture Krypto. Turbodog refuses at first but Snooky coerces him with a control that would take out his super-suit if he refuses. Turbodog takes Krypto to the trap, but repents and goes to Snooky's ship to free Krypto before Snooky can take Krypto to Mechanikat, but Snooky makes him lose his costume and Krypto saves him.

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