"Old Dog, New Tricks" and "Talk to the Animals" are the two segments that make up the eighth episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Old Dog, New TricksEdit

Smokey, the dalmatian of the fire department, is getting old, and the firemen decide to get a puppy. Krypto and Streaky see Smokey, who tells them what happens and Streaky tells Smokey is going to be replaced and sent to an old dogs' asylum. Streaky wants Krypto to take Smokey's place to make him look valuable, but Krypto refuses to trick anyone until Streaky convinces him to do it for Smokey. Streaky paints spots on Krypto and sends him with the firemen. Krypto helps open a fire hydrant, puts down a forest fire with a blanket, and "jumps" to save a cat stranded on a tree. Smokey is still disappointed because he won't be able to do the same things as Krypto after this all ends. Four fire alarms sound at the natural history museum, and when Krypto goes to the rocks and minerals exhibit, he finds Kryptonite and is weakened, so Smokey enters the museum and rescues Krypto. While Streaky cannot enter due to the Kryptonite, he cuts open a window to allow them to get out. The puppy, named Blaze, is brought anyways, and it turns out that he isn't a replacement, but will instead be trained by Smokey.

Talk to the AnimalsEdit

Kevin takes Krypto for a "walk" flying with a jetpack, but his translator device falls from his ear and he cannot understand Krypto now. A zookeeper named Bernie finds the translator and tests it, so he begins understanding the zoo creatures. Krypto goes to search the translator and believes an old woman has it, but she actually has a hearing impairment device. Bernie tells about the translator device to Albert, a monkey who always throws bananas at him. Albert convinces Bernie to let him stretch his legs for a bit, but once Bernie opens the door, Albert locks him and frees all the other creatures. Krypto, after mistaking a kid's braces for the translator, sees all the free beasts. He returns the lion to the zoo and frees Bernie, then they convince the other beings to return to the zoo. The only one left is Albert, who throws bananas from the Daily Planet globe, until he trips and is caught by Bernie. Albert apologizes and Bernie gives the translator to Krypto, who returns to Kevin's house. Kevin is eager to talk with Krypto again, but Krypto is too tired and wants to sleep.

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