"Pied Pussicat Piper" and "Solar Specs" are the two segments that make up the 32nd episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Pied Pussycat PiperEdit

A pied piper attracts the rats robbing a store. Ace and Krypto follow the trail of the crime and Ace suspects Isis is behind this. Later, they see Jimmy the Rat in a trance following a bunch of other rats where the pied piper is playing. The piper turns out to be Isis who is having the rats steal for her. Isis tells that, with the right song, any creature may be controlled, and demonstrates it by using the flute on Ace and Krypto, but this gives Jimmy a chance to take the flute from her. Jimmy runs away and finds a farm animal show. When Isis reaches him, he tries several songs to control her, to no avail. However, he manages to control several herds of the show, including some cows who almost stomp on Isis and Jimmy. Krypto, recovered from his trance, saves the cows from falling on the river, and Ace ties Isis. Jimmy tries to keep the flute, but Ace takes it.

Solar SpecsEdit

Buddy (AKA Stretch-O-Mutt) wakes up in the morning to find a red sun with sunglasses, and powerless Krypto and Streaky pursued by Mechanikat's robots. The "sunglasses" are panels of a machine Mechanikat has to turn the Sun red, thus rendering Krypto powerless. Stretch-O-Mutt disguises as one of Mechanikat's robots and carries Krypto and Streaky, pretending to have captured them so Snooky brings them to Mechanikat's ship where Mechanikat and Delilah are. Stretch-O-Mutt leaves Krypto and Streaky, and disguises as a chair in Delilah's room; when she hears him talk, he disguises as mechanikat. Snooky arrives and Stretch-O-Mutt must trick them both to leave. Then he goes to Mechanikat's room and disguises as a jukebox, and when Delilah tells Mechanikat they're ready for the next phase, he disguises as Snooky to accompany them to the control room, but the real Snooky arrives and Stretch-O-Mutt must reveal himself. A robot breaks the control panel trying to punch Stretch-O-Mutt, and the recovered Krypto and Streaky defeat the other robots. Mechanikat, Delilah and Snooky try to take an escape pod, but it turns out to be Stretch-O-Mutt, who catches them.

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