"Puss in Space Boots" and "Teeny Tiny Trouble" are the two segments that make up the tenth episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Puss in Space BootsEdit

Streaky doesn't find Krypto anywhere, and is ambushed by the Dog Star Patrol. They bring him to their ship where Brainy Barker tells him that two days ago, Krypto got a distress call from a kitty who turned out to be Snooky with Kryptonite, who took Krypto to Mechanikat's ship. They need a cat to infiltrate in Mechanikat's ship, and that's what they need Streaky for.

Mechanikat is running auditions for new henchmen. Streaky enters the ship wearing an eyepatch. During his audition, his awful singing almost destroys the ship, so he passes the audition. Streaky wanders unimpeded through the ship until he finds and frees Krypto, who is still weakened, but Snooky finds Streaky and removes his eyepatch. Streaky cannot call the Dog Star Partrol as there's a shield jamming communications, so he carries Krypto and crashes in front of Mechanikat, who calls his robots, but Streaky sings, breaking the robots and the jamming shield, so Streaky calls the Dog Star Patrol to be teleported away. Back at the dogs' ship, Brainy declares Streaky the first cat to join the Dog Star Patrol.

Teeny Tiny TroubleEdit

Kevin is playing frisbee with Krypto. Two small aliens arrive in their UFO and shrink stuff, then Krypto confuses their UFO with the frisbee and catches it. Kevin and Krypto return home, where Andrea is caring for Melanie as Kevin's mother and Andrea's mother are away cooking together. The aliens, who don't have fuel, shrink Kevin to ask his help, but Kevin and the aliens get stuck in a band-aid. Krypto goes to help but the aliens shrink him out of panic. Andrea goes to wash Melanie and, without noticing, steps on the shrink ray gun, and Krypto saves Kevin from being stomped on. The aliens have a growth ray in the ship, but they need to refuel first. Their fuel turns out to be sugar, so they find it in the kitchen. While Krypto takes the sugar to the ship, Kevin and the aliens accidentally fall in the cake mix Andrea is preparing, and Krypto comes just in time to save them from being eaten by Melanie. The aliens restore Krypto and Kevin's size and leave. Andrea offers cake to Kevin, but after his recent experience, it sickens him.

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