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Ralph Phillips
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Voiced by Dick Beals (young version), Mel Blanc, Daws Butler (older version)
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Ralph Phillips is an imaginative boy who likes to daydream about all kinds of things he sees around him. For example, in From A to Z-Z-Z-Z, Ralph, while attending school, daydreams about flying in the air like a bird, fighting off mocking numbers on a blackboard and Indians (this scene was later edited because of some Native American stereotypes and some violence), dispatching a dangerous saber-tooth tiger shark, and finally punching out a huge opponent in the boxing ring and leaving the school for the day as Douglas MacArthur. From A to Z-Z-Z-Z was nominated for an Academy Award.

Ralph appeared in a further Looney Tunes episode, Boyhood Daze, where he was sent up to his room for breaking a window with a baseball, wherein he indulged in similar daydreaming, and in the theatrically diverted TV pilot Adventures of the Road-Runner. In more recent years he has figured in issues of the DC Comics Looney Tunes comic book as well.

A more mature Ralph Phillips was also featured as an Army recruit in two cartoons produced specifically as military recruitment promotions, 90 Day Wondering and Drafty, Isn't It?, both directed by Jones.

Ralph Phillips was voiced by child actor Dick Beals (who would later be known for playing young boys in future projects due to a glandular problem). The older version was voiced by Warner Bros.' regular voice actor Mel Blanc, in 90 Day Wondering, and by Daws Butler, in Drafty, Isn't It?.

Ralph has a cameo as an unseen character in the Chuck Jones-directed animated adaption of The Phantom Tollbooth. He calls the protagonist Milo near the start of the film (where he speaks with the voice of June Foray and is referred to by name), and briefly speaks with Milo again just before the film ends.