"Reptile Round-Up" and "Streaky's Field Trip" are the two segments that make up the 31st episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Reptile Round-UpEdit

After everybody leaves Lexcorp, Ignatius finds peace and quiet... which he hates. He tries to have the security guards pursuing him, but they are asleep. Then he activates the fire alarm to get Krypto's attention. When Krypto arrives, Ignatius tries to play cards with him, but the hero gets angry at the false alarm and reminds Ignatius of the Lying Sheepherder fable, then leaves. Ignatius then finds two scientists storing a duplication machine, and then uses it for fun, first to duplicate his food, after which he duplicates himself to have company. Both Ignatius try to open the fridge, but cannot, so they create other duplicate to manage it. However, they forget to deactivate the machine which creates more duplicates. The Ignatius horde cause disasters in the lab, for the original's horror. Ignatius tries to warn the guards who are still asleep, so he activates the fire alarm again to get Krypto's help. The canine hero uses his telescopic vision to confirm it isn't another false alarm. One of the guards wakes up to see the Ignatius horde leaving Lexcorp and causing chaos through Metropolis. Krypto rounds up the iguanas and goes to Lexcorp, where Ignatius asks his help. Krypto unplugs the machine to avoid more duplicates from being created, and reactivates it in reverse to get rid of the remaining duplicates. The awoken guard awakes the other to show him the horde, but the other guard just finds one Ignatius sleeping, now happy of the peace and quiet.

Streaky's Field TripEdit

Streaky's fan club want him to take them on a field trip, but when they see Ace they develop admiration for the hound. To get back the kittens' attention, Streaky takes them on the field trip to see the trashcans where he spends time, but they want to see the Batcave. Streaky takes them to one of Ace's secret warehouse hideouts without knowing he's being followed by the Bad Luck Birds. Ace's alert indicates him that someone entered so he returns to the warehouse. The kittens play with the Bat-equipment, which causes trouble to Streaky, who ends tied. Ace and Krypto arrive and then the Bad Luck Birds use a sprayed rope to tie them (the one used on Krypto has Kryptonite). The birds put the three super-pets in a net and take them away, but Streaky's fan club follow them in a Bat-Copter, by tracing the signal from Ace's collar. The copter shoots a Batarang that frees Streaky. The rope spray stops the Bat-Copter blades, but Streaky catches it and uses heat vision to free Ace and Krypto, who stop the Bad Luck Birds. Ace tells the cats to call before coming again.

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