"Revolt of the Beavers" and "Invasion From Planet Peanut" are the two segments that make up the 37th episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Revolt of the BeaversEdit

Kevin is at Summer Camp, where a lot of trees have been cut and the lake is muddy yet dried. At night, Kevin finds the beavers are the ones stealing the trees to build a dam and futuristic-looking wooden machines, but he's caught so he calls Krypto who hears it from home and goes to help alongside Streaky. The beaver general Buggy, actually an alien tricking the beavers, wants to take over the world one camp at a time. Krypto and Streaky arrive and break Kevin's cell but they laugh when he says the beavers want to take over the world, so he shows them. General Buggy has the beavers attack the heroes with mud-throwing catapults and bipedal wooden machines. Then Buggy reveals a huge wooden Meerkat robot. While Krypto and Streaky face the Meerkat, Kevin repels the beavers' pinecone projectiles with a ping pong paddle. Krypto and Streaky take the Meerkat crew out of it and General Buggy himself faces Kevin and is tricked into revealing his true alien nature, so he escapes from the angry beavers in a spaceship. All the trees return to their place and the beavers apologize, so Kevin invites them to play ping pong.

Invasion from the Planet PeanutEdit

Streaky is angry that Andrea didn't bring any peanuts from the supermarket, and Kevin tells there wasn't peanuts at the baseball stadium either. Streaky thinks the peanuts must have been stolen but Krypto dismisses it. Streaky goes to investigate and finds the Dog Star Patrol in pursuit of peanut thieves from planet Peanut. It turns out that the thieves are alien elephants. Streaky and the Dog Star Patrol follow one to their ship and while the Dog Star Patrol face the elephants, Streaky takes out a plug which causes the peanuts to fall out of the ship. Streaky is sad that all the peanuts are lost in space, but the Dog Star Patrol recover the peanuts by vacuuming them into their ship.

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