Storybook Holiday is an episode of Krypto the Superdog.


By Christmas, Kevin's visiting relatives make him mad. He takes Krypto for a walk to buy a gift to his sister Melanie, and since he has little cash, he goes to an used books store to buy a fairytale book. The one he wants to buy is too expensive, but the seller finds a cheap one for him.

Back at home, Kevin finds a spell that transports him inside the book, and Krypto also reads the spell to follow and save him. Krypto doesn't find Kevin, but he finds a sign leading to different tales. The Gingerbread Man appears and Krypto reaches him to ask if he saw a kid, and the Gingerbread Man tells him to ask to the pig in the straw house. Krypto sees the big bad wolf blowing the house down, so he sends him away with a super-breath puff. The pig tells he saw Kevin entering the forest.

Krypto goes through the forest and finds Kevin outside a gingerbread house, which Kevin deduces is from Hansel and Gretel. The witch arrives and offers food to Kevin, but the genre savvy kid refuses and Krypto protects him. The witch uses a magic twister on Krypto, who reverts it with super speed. Kevin tries to use the witch's broom against her but it sends him flying away to the giant's house from Jack and the Beanstalk. The giant arrives and tries to eat Kevin, but Krypto throws soup on his face and when the giant catches him, Krypto sends him flying and leaves with Kevin.

Krypto and Kevin return to the sign, and Kevin suggests to go to the Pinocchio tale. They go to Gepetto's workshop, where they ask the Blue Fairy to get them back home. The fairy only can grant his wish if he really want to return with his family and accept them with all their quirks, which Kevin accepts. Krypto and Kevin return just in time for dinner and Kevin gives the spell to Krypto to hide it.

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