"Super Flea" and "A Bug's Strife" are the two segments that make up the second episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Super FleaEdit

Krypto and Kevin are at the ship and test the buttons. They activate a barbery system and, while Krypto goes to help against a fire in a pet shop, a flea comes out of the hairbrush and reaches him. Krypto tries to scratch himself against plowers and statues. Kevin finds the flea and tries to take it out, but it has superstrenght as it's from Krypton. Krypto trying to scratch himself causes a disaster on the garden and awakens Streaky, who scratches Krypto but the flea throws him away. Kevin shoots flea spray on Krypto, but it's just like a snow day for the superflea. Krypto enters the ship and wen he keeps trying to scratch, a spray can falls from a compartment. It turns out to be Kryptonian flea spray which takes the flea out of Krypto, but the flea tries to take Kevin away flying. The spray's effects make the flea sleep and drop Kevin, who is saved by Krypto. Krypto and Kevin fix the garden, and the last known fact about the flea is that it's sleeping on a plane window.

A Bug's StrifeEdit

Krypto saves a caterpillar and Streaky tells him bugs are to squash, not to save, to which Krypto answers that any creature's life counts. At Lexcorp, Lex Luthor feeds his iguana Ignatius with live bugs, but leaves as his 12 o'clock appointment has arrived. Ignatius is actually unable to catch the bugs. Luthor's scientists show him a test for a growing ray, which interests Ignatius. Ignatius watches the caterpillar saved by Krypto and uses the ray on it to have an unlimited food supply, then goes after it climbing the caterpillar's tree with a knife and fork, but when Ignatius catches the caterpillar with his tongue, it grows and both fall. The caterpillar escapes to the city, where Krypto sees it still growing and tries to stop it because it's unintentionally causing disaster. Ignatius keeps pursuing the caterpillar and catches it inside a Lexcorp warehouse. Krypto tries to stop Ignatius, but when he sees the caterpillar is a cocoon already, leaves Ignatius with it, so when Ignatius tries to eat it, the cocoon is too hard to eat. Krypto leaves the cocoon under a tree, and the caterpillar comes out as a butterfly, then Krypto guides it to an open place where a butterfly that big can fly freely.

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