The Black Dragons
The Dragons
Background information
Featured in Quest for Camelot
First appearance Quest for Camelot
Latest appearance
Voiced by Frank Welker
Character information
Full name The Dragons
Other names The Dragons,
Personality Brave, Evil, Vicious, Violent,
Appearance Slender or obese black dragons with grey bellies, red eyes, green drool.
Affiliations Bad
Goal To kill intruders. (Failed)
Home Dragon Country, The Forbidden Forest
Enemies Ayden, Kayley, Garrett, Devon and Cornwall, Ruber, The Griffin, Ruber's minions
Likes Acid baths, Breathing fire at Devon and Cornwall,
Dislikes their food escaping them
Powers and abilities breathing Fire
Weapons Their claws
Fate One of them gets Killed by Ruber and gets roasted as a spit for Ruber, The Griffin and the mechanical army to eat.

The Dragons are the minor villains from Quest for Camelot. They are voiced by Frank Welker.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Dragons have black rubber scales, with grey rubber bellies, red eyes and green drool.

Role in the filmEdit

Some of the dragons can be flying over Kayley as she tries to hide but quickly rescued by Garrett who is hiding in a eggshell.

Later, when the pair first meet Devon and Cornwall who are bullied due to their smaller size and inability to breathe fire or fly. The heroes (including Devon and Cornwall) are quickly attacked by the dragons. Devon and Cornwall help them cross the acid lake. As Garrett has trouble crossing the lake, One of the Dragons caused a tidal wave sending Garrett to the other side, unharmed. All of the black dragons breathe fire at the group who narrowly avoid them and they see the Griffin flying and Ruber and his army (who has caught up with them) running on the opposite side. The heroes hide in a tunnel as Ruber and his army faces the dragons. Ruber then punches the dragon in the face, killing it in progress and later roasts it on a spit for him and his henchmen to eat.