"The Living End" and "The Dog Days of Winter" are the two segments that make up the thirteenth episode of Krypto the Superdog.

The Living EndEdit

The Dog Star Patrol are gathering rocks from the Moon, and Paw Pooch finds Red Kryptonite that detaches Krypto's tail and gives it life. The hyperactive tail teleports to Metropolis and Krypto pursues it, but he cannot balance well without a tail. Tusky Husky and Mammoth Mutt try to catch the tail, but it tickles Mammoth Mutt who falls on Tusky. When Bulldog reaches the tail, it bullfights him until he falls on a china store. The tail averts Paw Pooch by having him trip on banana peels. When Tail Terrier ties the tail, it drags him away until tying him to a rocket. Krypto gets an idea and paints a monster face on Mammoth Mutt's tummy, and when she inflates, the tail hides behind Krypto and is caught. Krypto and the tail go to a tropical island where the tail has some fun until the red K effect eventually passes.

The Dog Days of WinterEdit

It's snowing, and Ignatius hates cold, so he sneaks into the controls of some LexCorp satellites to reflect the sunlight to Metropolis. Krypto and Streaky must save skaters from drowning when the ice melts. The heat is also melting the snow of the mountains, which may flood Metropolis. Ignatius, unaware of it, sunbathes on a beach chair until the water takes it (and Ignatius) away. Krypto and Streaky save mountain goats from being dragged by the snow. Kevin tries to tell a LexCorp guard about the satellites, but the guard doesn't believe him and Kevin has to enter through an oncoming wave, and manages to tell it to a scientist who restores the satellites to their proper placement. Krypto and Streaky dig a hole to drain the water and find the snow has returned. Krypto, Kevin and Streaky find Ignatius hanging from his tongue, which he did to not be dragged by the water. Krypto saves Ignatius and takes him flying to the LexCorp tower.

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