"Too Many Cooks" and "Join the Club" are the two segments that make up the 33rd episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Too Many CooksEdit

The Dog Star Patrol go to planet Murky to find Barkinium crystals to energize their ship, but they find a meteorite shower. Krypto opens a path, but a gas tank opens and puts Brainy Batker to sleep for a while. Mammoth Mutt, Paw Pooch and Tail Terrier all want to lead during Brainy's sleep, and they discuss it while Krypto goes after the Barkinium. They fight over the navigator panel and break it, then Krypto calls them as he's pursued by a huge fish. The three dogs press random controls and almost crash, which also ruins Hot Dog's cooking. They open a hatch Krypto enters through, but the whole ship is eaten by the ship. When Hot Dog tells he has pepper on his nose, this gives Krypto an idea; he flies out of the fish's mouth and has it pursuing him, then he drops a tank of pepper on its nose and it sneezes the ship out. After Brainy wakes up, she tells she's hungry and when Hot Dog asks her what does she want to eat, she asks for fish, to the others' chagrin.

Join the ClubEdit

Mechanikat paints Snooky red to have him infiltrate on Streaky's fan club. He joins the club and asks to know Supercat's identity as an exercise of trust. The club trash talk about Mechanikat and Snooky, who unable to reveal his identity feels offended and doesn't notice he's walking in front of a truck, but is saved by Streaky. After spending time with the club, Snooky has second thoughts about his infiltration, but Mechanikat finds Krypto's ship anyways and takes it with a tractor beam with the fan club inside. The kittens manage to fly the ship away of Mechanikat's ship but fall to Earth, luckily they are saved by Krypto. Krypto re-buries the ship under his doghouse and Streaky's fans decide they need a new secret salute now that Snooky infiltrated them. Snooky tries to teach the fanclub salute to Mechanikat, but he only wants Snooky to fix the hole left by Krypto's ship.

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