"Tusky's Tooth" and "When Penguins Fly" are the two segments that make up the 25th episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Tusky's ToothEdit

Tusky Husky loses his tooth and Krypto suggests him to leave it for the Tooth Fairy as Kevin does. A spy probe records this and returns to Mechanikat's ship, where Snooky Wookums shows to Mechanikat the recorded conversation, so Mechanikat enters the Dog Star Patrol ship disguised as the Tooth Fairy and gives Tusky a dollar to get his tooth.

Back at his ship, Mechanikat turns the tooth into a rocket and shoots it to the Dog Star Patrol ship, to destroy it. Krypto and the Dog Star Patrol try to destroy the rocket but it's too thick. Luckily, a new tusk grows on Tusky's mouth and he uses it to stop the rocket. At the end, the Dog Star Patrol find a security video of Mechanikat as the Tooth Fairy and keep the image for laughs.

When Penguins FlyEdit

The Penguin's birds are stealing at STAR Labs, but Waddles is too slow to follow the others upstairs. What the birds don't know is that Ace, Krypto and Streaky have found them. Waddles stumbles upon a scientist testing a device that transfers a creature's abilities to another. Ace and Krypto go upstairs after the birds, while Streaky smells cheese and follows it to the device, which Waddles activates and gets Streaky's powers. Streaky tries to use his powers against the flying Waddles, to no avail. Ace and Krypto are defeating the other birds when Waddles arrives flying, uses Ace's own rope against him and rescues his partners while leaving Ace hanging from a crack so Krypto has to let them go to save him.

The birds begin a robbing spree and Waddles endangers people to divert the heroes. Ace and Krypto try to find a way to get Waddles into the machine to revert its effects, and then they find about a gold cage in the pet store, which will likely be Waddles' new target. Waddles steals the cage and uses it as his reading room, but it turns out to be connected to the transfer device and the powers return to Streaky. The heroes put the three birds inside the cage and take them flying.

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