Up, Up and Away is an episode of Krypto the Superdog.

Up, Up and AwayEdit

Ignatius is found to be overweight, so when he sees Krypto recovering some stray balloons, he gets the idea to prepare muffins with a special helium-like formula that will allow him to partially float, so he's found to weight very little and be fed a lot.

During a field trip in Lexcorp, the kids are given a special treat, but the chef is out of food and finds the muffins, and gives them to the kids, who begin floating. When Ignatius finds about this, he tries to get rid of the evidence. Kevin calls Krypto, who has the kids hold to his cape and leaves them holding to earth until the muffins' effect passes.

The remaining muffin mass grows and Ignatius tries to stop it, to no avail, but he's saved by Krypto. The mufins' effect passes and Ignatius is found to weight more than before, so he's forced to have exercise.

Dinosaur TimeEdit

After watching a dinosaur film, Ignatius thinks he would be treated as a king by the dinosaurs if he lived in that era. Dr Chung of LexCorp gives Kevin an interview to the school newspaper and brings him and Krypto to a tour around the building. Ignatius follows them and sees when Dr Chung shows them a time machine, so Ignatius decides to travel to the time of dinosaurs.

After Dr Chung leaves, Ignatius takes the time machine and travels 100 million years into the past. This sounds an alarm, so Krypto and Kevin go to see what happens and find Ignatius in the machine and they enter there to stop him, but the machine is already activated and they all time travel.

The machine cannot be recharged to return as it's out of gas. Ignatius tries to impose his rule over a Stegosaurus but is thrown away. Krypto and Kevin seek for Ignatius but have to face a pterodactyl before reaching him. Ignatius tries to eat some eggs, which causes him to be chased by their tyrannosaurus mother, but Krypto saves him by pulling the tyrannosaurus' tail. Krypto uses his super-breath to activate the machine turbine and return to the present day. After they return, the turbine overheats and the machine breaks. Ignatius tries to go scot-free, but Kevin and Krypto leave him in the time machine so Dr Chung can know who is to blame for all.

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